The known feature of Russian mentality is traction to boundless distances. «Well wherein we are not present» is the exhaustive saying wholly characterizing our attitude toward life. It touches and to life a credit. Americans live on credit is widespread opinion having under itself all warrants. On a large account and conception of credit, and absence of superstitious fear before them came to us from the bourgeois West. So an idea to take a credit in the USA quite often visits our citizens and is a popular enough question.


We will begin with that a credit the non-residents of country really can take in the USA. Key moments on which a bank makes decision on your question are your credit history, financial and domestic position, your age and stability of work. Be ready to that you can ask to give documentary confirmation of presence of economies in case of loss of work. On all of it will depend, whether will give to you on loan, what sum and on what terms, including under what percents.

Presence of positive credit history, id est certificate testifying, that you already took a credit and he was liquidated successfully, undoubtedly, will play to you in plus. At presence of the loan unliquidated yet a bank will count up carefully, whether you are capable to pull at another.

As a rule, to take a credit in the USA on a mortgage it is possible for a time from thirty years at an interest rate from six to eight percents annual. As soon as you will collect all necessary papers, will design and will give to their bank, can count on a quick answer.

Useful gentlefolk’s, that in case of refuse from the side of bank, but already present agreement on acquisition of the real estate with a salesman you have a complete right on terminating agreement without the loss of advance. At it after signing of papers a salesman has no authority without your consent to undo a treaty and sell property to somebody other.

The advance brought in by you is in a bank on the account of salesman. Usually such payments two. First (as a rule, thousand dollars) bring in to the conclusion of treaty. After enumeration of this sum a customer checks up accordance of descriptions of the acquired object declared before. An agreement consists in case of success, and the second part of advance - five percents is brought in from the cost of object.

And only after it you can appeal to the bank and take a credit in America. That checks all documents for authenticity; an appraiser determines a property cost. Approximately in a month a bank can confirm delivery to you mortgages. The special papers will be signed whereupon; it is done in presence an advocate and representative of bank giving to you on loan. So, deciding to take a credit in America, be ready to that this matter of not a single month.

If you do not gather to acquire the real estate search, how to take a credit in the USA, mean, that the possessors of green card and social security number have such

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