Many people do not pay enough attention to this issue. In my opinion, for the harmonious development of relations in the family, the couple should determine exactly household finances and organization as possible stick to it. I met two schemes of household finances (with different variations):


Open - all the money folded in a box (bedside table), they spend more as needed. In this scheme, one person manages and distributes finances, the second takes a passive position. This arrangement often leads to all sorts of misunderstandings and disputes. In my opinion, this is not the correct scheme of doing home finances.
Closed - he (or she) holds all the money in his wife and gives the minimum necessary for their understanding. This is more correct, but has a lot of flaws.
It seems to me that this matter should be given much more attention. Here are his thoughts as the most to organize the finances of the family.

The first step, which is to make every family, is to determine the family's budget. It should be clearly separated family expenditure and investment in the future.

The costs - is that family spends for its normal existence. And the main thing is family, not a husband or wife. For example, buying a refrigerator or microwave - it costs a family. A husband buy a new iPhone - is the cost of her husband. Also, costs should include a certain amount of spending money "non-working" spouse.

Investment - is some savings, which makes the family to achieve a given goal. For example, to debug money on summer vacation, buying a house, boat (if you want it is both). Then again, it is important that it is a desirable goal was to both spouses. Those if he wants a boat, and she strongly opposed, then it is not the purpose of the family.

Now, let's say you've determined that your family budget should be $ 1000 or less. And now the fun begins, you need to determine who will fill the family budget.

Imagine a classic situation he works, she stays at home. Then it is logical that he is obliged to fill the cashier of the family budget, and the wife must fully take on all domestic concerns. If he wants to buy a brand new smart phone, a computer, no problem - he had to work harder and earn it himself. At the same time it should not in any way affect the family budget. If she liked the brand new blouse, no problem - it can buy it from the amount of its pocket expenses.

Someone will ask, and how does this differ from the above-described open and closed circuits. After all, if we define the family budget in the amount of his salary, it will be the same. And if we define "the minimum", we get a closed circuit. In fact of the matter is that everyone should have an incentive to work and invest in the family. He should strive to increase their income, whatever he had more money for his favorite toys. It should be understood that if it is reasonable to allocate the family money, then it would save on your new boots. Otherwise, sooner or later, the couple simply loses interest in the performance of their duties.

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