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  • Конфликт ученика с учителем. Разберемся?

     Качество современного образования зависит не только от учебы, но и от воспитания будущего гражданина. Ребенок вернулся из школы унылым. У него нет настроения, или наоборот состояние повышенной возбужденности, а какой-то один предмет он упрямо не желает учить. Получает замечание в дневник, плохие оценки. В чем дело?


Ребенок – это не сосуд, который нужно заполнить, а огонь, который нужно зажечь.

How to choose a college in the United States

Choosing a place to continue their education - not an easy task. Always. But if you know about the opportunities that are there, you can certainly find exactly what would be consistent and professional skills and personal preferences.


In American colleges can proceed IMMEDIATELY after normal Russian school.

Of course, many know such famous universities as Brown, Yale, Harvard. Yes, these are made up of the combined university of colleges that train specialists in various fields and take over this rather big amount. Education in one of these colleges "major league" is 30 000 dollars a year, and ... sometimes even a hundred thousand may not be enough. But do not just give up. In the US, more than a thousand colleges of all sizes. And now I would like to focus on those that are called Local College. Education in this kollezhde costs about $ 6,000 for 20 credits per year.

The training system in America, as in Europe, different from ours.

The student chooses a number of items, for which poluchetsya loans. Loans - a watch that you spend with the teacher in the classroom. But not one credit is equal to one academic hour per week. Often it depends on the college and of the established regulations. Features of training in an American college is also a fact that you did not deduct. You take yourself a certain amount of credits per semester. And you pay only for them. In fact, there will be other costs associated with insurance, life on campus, meals, but that there are several other types of spending.

When you hand over the exam for each of the selected loans, you set off, so to speak, type "glasses". To obtain a bachelor's degree, you must earn a certain number of credits, depending on the specialty chosen you.

Often, community colleges offer you learn different things from Culinary Arts (cooking skill) to Phisics (Physics). Thus, the list of specialties from Hudson Country College includes about 40 specialties, among which there is even a Business and Criminal Justice. Admit it, with a bachelor's degree in this field is not difficult to find a good job. It does not matter where - in America, in Europe or in Russia. And getting a bachelor's degree can you at least 10 years, interrupting his training, and reopening it again.

Many colleges offer a number of scholarships that may overlap costs.

So one person can simultaneously receive athletic scholarships, scholarship choir scholarship debater, and the list goes on and on. Another plus in your way is that to go to a college by typing only 45 points on the exam results TOEFL. And it's quite a bit, believe. If we talk about student zhizin - that all American colleges have brotherhood.

If you live in a dorm, you can meet a lot of people, and very soon to improve the English to the desired level. We ought of course to remain silent, because here we are talking about education, but student life with the parties, campaigns, joint activities and fun in honor of all American holidays - this is one of the most enjoyable aspects of education abroad.



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